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» » HTC One - A detailed Info

In recent years a trend has emerged, which sees smart phones dominate the world of electronics, no longer just phones, but laptops in the palm of a hand performing impressive features. The great potential of a smartphone is that, supporting and having installed an advanced operating system, allows you to install additional applications that allow the use of features previously unthinkable. That said, Android is by far the most popular mobile operating system on the market. Stability (almost always say), functionality, many applications available are just some of the features of the operating system from Google. And what happens if we encounter a mobile operating system so advanced with a manufacturer of latest generation of smartphones? The answer is HTC One.

We are talking about a smartphone built according to high quality standards, which lead to a final result that (except maybe in the iPhone) does not see rivals. To begin talking about the outer shell of aluminum and perfectly integrated with the plastic parts and the screen giving a feeling of strength and solidity. The hardware specifications are designed in such a way as to satisfy the most demanding people. In fact we are talking about a display of 4.7 "Full HD, a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 600 quad core at 1.7 GHz (one of the most advanced mobile processors currently available), 2 GB Ram, 32 GB of storage, Android 4.1 with Sense 5.0 interface.

The speaker BoomSound provide a sound quality good workmanship and guarantee the possibility to listen to music at high level. Mounts a camera Ultrapixel that although it is not so magnificent as HTC would have us believe, it behaves extremely well in low light conditions. Also present was the NFC chip, and support for GLONASS satellites. The decision to include a screen with a resolution of Full HD (bringing the pixel density of 469 ppi) might be a bit 'exaggerated, because of screens so small the difference is hardly noticeable compared to one with a resolution of 720p. At the software level There are some new features, such as the drawer of applications, and the application BlinkFeed "remote control" that allows you to control the TV via infrared sensor is integrated. The browser allows a fluidity never seen and delays or blocks should not exist. The battery should get you through the day, however for those who make intensive use needs to be charged before the end of the evening (I've heard of some that they would need to charge it twice a day but it seems an exaggeration, given that in any case it is well a battery of 2300 mAh). For the price we talk about about 699 €, although a few months before the summer we can find some discount than a hundred euro. In summary, the HTC One has the following strengths: high-quality construction; -a camera that performs beautifully in low light conditions l'audio-high-quality -screen in full HD resolution -power per hour is exceeded only on the Galaxy S4 So if you love Android and you are at the end of the contract (or you have some money to spend) my advice is definitely to buy this magnificent smartphone - and that is what I will do too (Source:

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